Our company cooperates strategically with LC-TEC Displays AB, LC-TEC Asia, (Shenzhen, China), Seiko Instruments, (Japan), Merck and Dow Corning. We also cooperate with our partner company HansaMatrix located nearby our plant in the Ventspils High Technology Industrial Park for electronic circuits and "full box build: products manufacturing.EUROLCDS is an innovative and new Pan-European company that has been established by strategic founders - LC-TEC Display AB, Hornell Teknikinvest. Macro Riga, along with the investment fund BaltCap.

Our business aim is to fill the niche in the market that demands products based on bistable LCD technologies and various shutter type LCD products for both emerging 3D visualization applications and different industrial applications.

Thanks in large part to the stable economic and legal infrastructure of the EU, our company is able to offer a reliable and stable supply chain for different types of information display LCD products for industrial, medical and defence applications. EUROLCDS can offer significant value in industrialization and manufacturing process development for innovative LCD related products.

Our Company has built and started to operate highly innovative LCD research and manufacturing facility in EU (Ventspils, Latvia). The uniqueness of this plant stems from its large-scale (volume) production capacity combined with flexible manufacturing operation. In addition, this EU low cost area and flexible technology arrangements will allow the manufacturing plant in Ventspils to compete globally offering competitive production costs.

Ilmars Osmanis EuroLCDs VATP-2, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia t: +371 63 600 300