Intrinsiq Materials

Intrinsiq Materials develop solutions for the printed electronics industry. Our customized, air-handleable electronic inks and pastes are a greener, lower-cost alternative to conventional electronic printing materials. Because we utilize a unique manufacturing process, our nano-material based ink is highly functional. It can be deposited via commercially available inkjet and screen printers in a room-temperature environment and sintered using commercial broadband flash systems or laser systems.

Intrinsiq Materials has both in-house development and production tools for nanomaterials, material modifications and ink formulations. Our proprietary nanoparticle generation process is capable of producing controlled particle sizes. Particles can be smaller than 10 nm. Our particle coating methodology produces stable and non-agglomerating nanomaterials. The resulting fine, non-agglomerating powder will readily disperse in ink formulations. It contains a coating that protects it from oxidation which would otherwise negatively affect the electronic performance.

Our inkjet and screen paste formulation expertise provides our customers with the appropriate particle sizing, shape, metal load and solvent composition. For the INSPIRED programme we will be developing new optimised inks to match the end user requirements in the programme three main application areas, as well as developing new scale up routes, options and optimization for the manufacturing process.

Richard Ward Intrinsiq Materials Cody Technology Park, Y25 Ively Road, Farnborough Hampshire, GU14 0LX, UK t: +44 1252 399790