Joanneum Research

Within INSPIRED, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (JOR) holds the Coordinator role and is therefore in charge of the overall management of the project. Furthermore, JOR is involved in the lab-scale development, fabrication, testing and benchmarking of printed structures based on functional nanomaterial inks from INSPIRED partners.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a professional leader of innovation and provider of technology. Its entrepreneurial focus and track record of 30 years of cutting-edge research performed on an international scale has made it stand out from the crowd. This key function is to facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge in South-East-Austria. For these reasons, it is perfectly suited for applied research and technology development. JOANNEUM RESEARCH networks with members of national and international scientific and research communities. It is a recognised research partner whose scientific work fulfills the highest international standards. It supports companies during the development of technologies and processes. In this way, it makes a crucial contribution to secure and increase the competitiveness of Styria and Carinthia as a location for research, innovation and business.

MATERIALS – Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics provide the customers access to the latest technologies required for implementing innovative products and services. MATERIALS has long-standing experience in managing a wide range of research cooperations, thus enabling the clients to successfully participate in national and international funded research projects.  The team of around 70 researchers provide interdisciplinary solutions across the entire value chain – from the idea to the prototype – using cutting edge technologies and methods based on miniaturisation, integration and materials optimisation. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure MATERIALS offer innovative solutions and services tailored to the needs of business and industry. More than 20 years of close cooperation with leading research institutions such as the Austrian based Graz University of Technology or the University of Leoben enable us to continuously improve and extend the portfolio of expertise.

Martina Trinkel JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS – Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics Franz-Pichler-Straße 30 8160 Weiz, Austria t: +43 (0) 316 876 3402