NANOGAP SUB-NM-POWDER S.A is a nanomaterial company built on a technology platform of precisely controlled wet chemistry. From the NANOGAP technology platform, novel, high performance nanomaterials are produced, including: unique to NANOGAP sub-nm From this technology base, NANOGAP has developed three main product classes, mostly based on silver and iron oxide:

  • Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQC) are stable clusters of between 2 and 150 atoms, with average particle sizes in the range 0.5 – 2 nm.
  • Nanoparticles (NP) with defined particle sizes, typically in the range of 5 – 50 nm, available dispersed in a range of carriers fluids at variable concentrations
  • Nanofibres (NF), typically 100nm diameter by 10 to 20 microns long, supplied dispersed in a range of liquid carriers at variable concentrations.

Many of NANOGAP´s products have truly unique properties and benefits, and NANOGAP owns or has exclusive right to exploit intellectual property, including patents on the production and use of many of its products.

NANOGAP’s role in INSPIRED project will involve development and scale-up of its nanofiber production process, to develop a product optimized for formulating, for printing by the methods described in this project, and for meeting the target specification of the end-use applications of the project. INSPIRED will develop AgNWs coatings deposited using spray deposition, as an alternative to ITO/AZO, to form percolated networks of AgNW with better transparency: sheet resistance properties. 

Allen Reid NanoGap t: +44 7980 866 656