Our Objectives

Business Objectives ​

To conduct manufacturing and scale up activities to prove economic feasibility and to ensure market uptake through conducting the following:
  • Conducting an economic feasibility assessment to ensure the INSPIRED technology can be commercially exploited by the supply chain partners. Conducting nanosafety assessment to ensure the INSPIRED technology is viable from an environmental point of view
  • Conducting a risk assessment to ensure that the INSPIRED technology will be safe to apply and dispose of and to ensure full compliance with current and future legislation and regulations
To conduct the dissemination and exploitation for the project through the following activities:
  • Defining measures to ensure that the results of the project will be disseminated to Industry.
  • Assuring that the project IP and results are adequately protected. Designing a plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results. Optimising the collaboration between INSPIRED partners exchanging knowledge (training activities).
  • Assuring that there is an on-going communication between the consortium and the general public.
  • Supporting knowledge exchange between INSPIRED partners by means of workshops with internal/external audiences to optimise integration effects and collaboration by means of training activities
  • Defining future funding activities and ensure that INSPIRED overcomes the ‘Valley of Death’.

Scientific Objectives:

  • Establish materials, process and device specifications for the Inspired technology with due consideration of end user requirements, market analysis and legislation
  • Determine nanosafety assessment protocol and safe-by design approaches in collaboration with the EU nanosafety cluster