INSPIRED Project partners are advancing eight pilot lines and three business cases applications throughout the life of the project. Each will lead to new, exploitable results in printed electronics such as newer or more optimized methods, processes, products, etc.  The key exploitable targets are:

Material-based Pilot Lines:

  1. Synthesis of nano-copper including scale-up
  2. Synthesis of silver nanowires including scale-up
  3. Synthesis of graphene materials including scale-up
  4. Formulaton of nanocopper inks including scale-up
  5. Formulation of silver nanowires including scale-up
  6. Formulation of graphene materials including scale-up

Processes-based Pilot Lines:

  1. High-volume printing and sintering including development of pilot equipment
  2. Development of OSI process as an alternative PV interconnect method

Business Case Applications:

  1. Design, manufacture, characterise and validate capacitive touchscreens using copper inks
  2. Development of LCD system using conductive inks - LC Display demonstrator
  3. Development of CIGS cells using copper inks/ AgNWs/GNP




INSPIRED fact sheet

​Download the INSPIRED project factsheet and learn about project activities in:

Nanomaterials synthesis

Nanomaterials formulations

High volume print, sinter and pattern

Applications into:

- LCD screens

- Solar cells

- LCD signage


INSPIRED project presentations

​Selected presentations from project partners either dedicated to the project or referencing the project as part of scientific and industrial development

INSPIRED project publications​

Publications produced from direct project activities

INSPIRED project posters

INSPIRED patent applications

​Patents submitted during the project as a result of partner activities

  • Apparatus and method for bulk production of atomically thin 2-dimension materials including graphene (GB1518105.0 and WO2017064496) - Thomas Swan
  • Separation process for laminar materials such as graphene (GB2545092) - Thomas Swan
  • A process for the continuous production of sub-micron two-dimensional materials including graphene (W02017089818 and WO2017089825) - Thomas Swan

INSPIRED support publications

Publications from partners in support of project development:

  • Michael J. Carmody, Jonathan Tunbridge and Tung Kong, Intrinsiq Materials, "Novel Low Temperature Copper Inkjet Inks are a Low Cost Alternative to Silver for Printed Electronics" NIP27: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies and Digital Fabrication 2011 Minneapolis, MN; October 2011; p. 470- 472; ISBN / ISSN: 978-89208-296-4
  • Organic field-effect transistor based sensors with sensitive gate dielectrics used for low-concentration ammonia detection; Andreas Klug, Martin Denk, Thomas Bauer, Martina Sandholzer, Ullrich Scherf, Christian Slugovc, Emil J.W. List; Organic Electronics 14, 500-504 (2013)
  • SensLED: An Electro-Optical Active Probe for Oxygen Determination; Stefan Sax, Evelin Fisslthaler, Stefan Kappaun, Christian Konrad, Kerstin Waich, Torsten Mayr, Christian Slugovc, Ingo Klimant, Emil J. W. List; Adv. Mater. 21, 3483 (2009).
  • Henley et al. Laser patterning of transparent conductive metal nanowire coatings: simulation and experiment. Nanoscale. 2014, 6, 946-952
  • Crozier et al. One step thin-film PV interconnection process using laser and inkjet. IEEE PV Specialists Conference, Tampa, 2013
  • Paton et al., Scalable production of large quantities of defect-free, few-layer graphene by shear-exfoliation in liquids. Nature Materials (published 20 April 2014)

  • Hartl, S., Falk, A., et al. Book chapter: “Nanosafety” in book “The Nano-Micro Interface: Bridging Micro and Nano Worlds. Editors: Van de Voorde, M., Fecht, H.-J, Werner, M., 2nd edition 2014. Wiley-VCH

  • Falk, A., Hartl, S., Sinner, F., 2013. Regulation and safety implementation of nanotechnology for chemical enterprises in the Central Europe Space. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 429, pp.1-7. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/429/1/012068​
  • M Boselli, V Colombo, E Ghedini, M Gherardi and P Sanibondi, Two-dimensional time-dependent modelling of fume formation in a pulsed gas metal arc welding process, (2013) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (22), 224006
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  • Y. A. Attia, D. Buceta, C. Blanco-Varela, M. B. Mohamed, G. Barone, M. A. López-Quintela Structure-Directing and High-Efficiency Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production by Ag Clusters, J. Am.Chem.Soc. 2014, 136, 1182
  • A. Corma, P. Concepción, M. Boronat, M. J. Sabater, J. Navas, M.J. Yacaman, E. Larios, A. Posadas, M. A. López-Quintela, D. Buceta, E. Mendoza, G. Guilera, A. Mayoral. Exceptional oxidation activity with size-controlled supported gold clusters of low atomicity. Nat. Chem. 2013, 5, 775.​

INSPIRED patents

Patents from partners in support of project development

  • M.A. López Quintela and J. Rivas, PROCESS FOR PREPARING ANISOTROPIC METAL NANOPARTICLES, Spanish Patent ES2365313B2, 2010; US Patent US8696782B2, Extended to European Union (EP2547477A1), Japan (JP2013522469A), Korea (KR20130059333A) and China (CN102947026A)
  • P. Sleeman, Touch sensor for non-uniform panels. GB2499388.  Granted 12 February 2014.
  • COMPOSITE MATERIALM S. Kappaun, Emil J. W. List, WO/2010/022418

  • INK OR INK ADDITIVE FOR IMPRINTING WOOD, S. Kappaun, Emil J. W. List, G. Mauthner (WO/2009/149483)


  • T. Johnson, D. Deegan, C. Chapman, J. Williams, Twin plasma torch apparatus. EP 1281296 B1, Granted 29.09.2004, published 18.10.2001

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  • D. Johnson, Fine particles and method of fine particles, GB 2011 0009319, Application 03.06.2011, published 06.12.2012 ​​​​​