TECNALIA is a private, independent, non profit research organisation with strong links to the business world. With a workforce of more than 1,400 highly-qualified people, a 110 million Euros turnover and a portfolio with over 4,000 clients, TECNALIA is present in many sectors of society and, therefore, it is immersed in numerous projects and initiatives.

The Unit of Industry and Transport from TECNALIA will be the main contributor to this project. This Unit focuses its activities on the technologies of materials, their processes (e.g. design, manufacture, transformation or finishing) and the environment. This Unit works in the following technological areas:

  • Materials and their processes (e.g. metallic materials and metal matrix composite materials, plastics and organic matrix composites, ceramics and powder metallurgy, nanomaterials, joining and surface technologies).
  • Testing and characterisation of materials
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