TouchNetix is the leading independent European provider of capacitive touchscreen technology and solutions. Founded in 2010 by the management team which had previously delivered hundreds of touchscreen projects into mainstream mobile handsets and tablet PC's, the company now focusses on developing, manufacturing and deploying flawless touchscreens for mission critical applications in the industrial, medical, home appliance and automotive sectors.

Capacitive touchscreens for industrial and similar high end product require a significantly different design-led approach to those used in consumer products. The environment is typically much more aggressive and usually subjects sensitive components to high levels of electrical noise; the devices are also almost always active and are expected to be operational over extended lifetimes.

TouchNetix unique approach to the design and manufacture of capacitive touchscreens begins with bespoke simulation tools which can accurately predict performance – these tools mesh with the TouchNetix design tools which output ready to manufacture files for the digital manufacturing processes in use at M-Solv and other foundries. Finally, the manufactured touchscreens are parametrically tested to guarantee performance.

In the Inspired project, TouchNetix plays a pivotal role to provide a route for the new materials and processing technologies which will be defined and planned to be pulled through into manufacturable products which will eventually find use in the previously described market sectors.

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