University of Santiago de Compostela

With more than five centuries of tradition, the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is a historic institution that projects itself to the future and beyond its frontiers, always attentive to the different demands of society, where it stands as an important academic frame of reference and where it develops its academic, research work. The USC is an institution that shows an intense research activity, developed by its 72 departments, 18 research institutes and by more than 1600 researchers, all of them coordinated by the Innovation and Technological Transfer Centre (CITT).

The USC research group, NANOMAG, directly involved in the present project is an interdepartmental group (Departments of Physical Chemistry and Applied Physics) and is part of the Institute of Technological Research (ITT) of the USC since its foundation in the 90’s. This research unit with more than 350 peer-review papers has a long history in the preparation of nanomaterials as well as in the study of their properties. The main task of the Nanomag group in this project is to develop new simple and robust protocols to prepare Ag nanowires of different aspect ratios, similar to the current products developed by NANOGAP, but replacing partially or totally the solvents by water. For this purpose simple and scalable wet chemical techniques will be used. 


Carlos Vázquez Vázquez t: +(34)- 8818 13011 / 8818 14212